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updated 5:22 AM CEST, Jun 10, 2021

Three quality resources of testimonies about the positive relationship between science and faith

Quality pages that collect quotes of scientists, men and women of letters, churchmen and churchwomen about the positive relationship between science and faith, science and religion.

Two in English, one in Spanish.

The Biologos Facebook page (I wrote a post about one of his foundation members, Francis Collins here), where you can find very rare and interesting jewels, though posting quotes is not the principal feature of the site.

The second one is a FB site as well (as far as I know it doesn't exists elsewhere), the Modern Rational Christianity, a very fresh and excellent site. "Quotes" is a core category here.

The third one is a collection in Spanish, the Creyentes Intelectuales (Intellectuals who Believe), where you will find literally thousands of quotes and biographies, of all areas in life. It has a FB page as well. Unbelievable compilation.

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