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updated 5:22 AM CEST, Jun 10, 2021

Intellectual humility

Embracing (a more) open theism with all our heart will lead to a conscious and well-grounded intellectual humility in our mind, which includes a low concern for status and the willingness to understand our limitations.

We know from the Bible that God has practically zero concern for status and he goes to extremes when it comes to forgiving our sins and saving our souls. God is not only affected by our reaction to His love and purpose. He lives and operates in time, even though he knows most or all possibilities of the future, he learns about the present and about His own evolving creation as it develops. He reacts to the world and draws new plans if necessary to reveal the truth and His purpose for  people.

If He learns from an inferior creature (the human being) and then makes use of this knowledge while holding together the universe and our lives and change them for the better, we should not think we are superior in any sense to our neighbours.

If it seems we are, it is either illusory or driven by blessings (like education we have received or biological traits) or a special calling by God, since He might select people for different acts and missions.

Instead, we uncompromisingly should search for gifts and treasures in our friends, family, acquaintances and strangers so that we may acquire and share those in sync with our journey towards God. We need to admit that we may be wrong. We may be wrong all the time. Our temple is so empty. And we so often shut the doors upon each other and we cannot get in! Let’s open them wide.

God is thirsty for us and our thoughts. Are we full up and no space left for another drop from our fellow-creatures?

We shall not love each other in the first place because God commanded adherence to a rule which is incidentally difficult to follow. We shall love each other and learn from each other and be open to each other because that’s the way He does and it would be a capital treason to expect something from God that we don’t even try to do.

Be humble.

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